Rental terms

Tallinn Prophouse

1. Renter maintains and stores the leased products during its rental period at its own expense. He keeps the leased products in good condition and returns all the requisites in the condition in which they were issued.

2. Renter agrees to accept props in the state in which they are issued, as the leased products may show signs of wear and tear.

3. The Renter shall pay Prophouse OÜ full compensation for the replacement and / or repair of any products that are not returned as it is lost or any way damaged and repaired product to be in the same condition as at the time of lease. The replacement or repair invoice of Prophouse OÜ is final, which the Renter agrees to pay for repair or replacement in accordance with this subsection.

4. At the request of the owner, the Renter shall inform the exact location of the rented equipment if it is in the tenant's possession.

5. Extension of the lease period for props is possible if the product is NOT reserved for another customer and the Owner agrees to extend the rental period. The owner has the right to refuse to extend the lease.

6. Renter allows the owner to enter the premises of the lessee, where the rented equipment is stored or used within a reasonable time to evaluate and control the condition of the rented products. If the lessee does not fulfill any of the terms of this Agreement, the owner and his / her representative have the right to enter the premises of the lessee at any time, where the rented equipment is stored or used and the rented equipment is taken away.

7. The Lessee shall not in any way pledge, encumber or lease the leased products. The owner may terminate this contract as soon as the tenant is unable to pay the rental payments.

8. The owner does not guarantee any warranty for rented equipment.

9. The Lessee shall indemnify the Owner for any damage or any loss related to the redemption and any consequential and special damages resulting from the breach of the alleged warranty.

10. The Lessee shall pay all reasonable attorneys' fees and other fees and expenses incurred by the Owner for the protection of the rights granted under this Lease Contract and for any actions taken by the Owner to collect the amounts owed to the Owner under this Rental Agreement.

11. The Renter accepts these terms or the tenant's representative or other representative. The Renter or Buyer will accept these terms and conditions for all future rentals or purchases.

12. All rental prices are for 1-7 days.

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